Sunday, June 13, 2010

Idea Star Singer Vani Jayaram Marriage Engagement Photos

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Manu said...

dear Vani

NOT MAtch for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAKHAVE said...

dear vani jayarm....your choice is so bad....he is seem to be soooooo bad

anand said...

Dear Vani,

Contrary to your bad-wishers expectations, you have done the right thing with the right choice. All these people discourage you now will not walk along with you in your real life. Time will change and everything will fade...Others are not the decision makers, we ourselves should be doing that ,,,WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST FOR A HAPPY MARRIED LIFE AND PRO-GENERATION FOR SIMILAR VANIS AND GANAPATHIS!!!!!

Just an onlooker and by-stander

resmi said...

sorry vani I was a great fan of you but very much dissappointed wth your match physically hes not a match for u. May God bless you VAni


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